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Activated Carbon yabo体育投注 Rentals

TIGG’s Liquid and Vapor Phase Adsorption Vessels are Ready to Rent!

If you’re looking for long or short term 亚搏保险投注规则 equipment, industrial wastewater or vapor emissions filtration or municipal drinking water purification unit rentals for liquid phase or vapor phase applications, TIGG has a large, in-stock inventory of GAC adsorption and filtration equipment that’s ready to rent.

Renting temporary activated carbon adsorption equipment means you don’t have capital expenses tied up in purchasing. And, TIGG has flexible terms and rental conditions while ensuring quick delivery times from our large remediation rental equipment fleet.

TIGG Provides Complete Integrated System Components

  • Activated carbon liquid phase adsorption vessel systems
  • Short-term, large volume water purification skid Systems
  • Activated carbon vapor phase adsorption vessels
  • Sand and multimedia filters
  • Ion exchange resin bed vessels
  • Adsorbent and absorbent vessels with media such as clays, zeolites, and oxidizing agents
  • Ancillary yabo体育投注 including water pumps, pipe racks & hose kits, blower systems, fans, and ductwork

TIGG’s liquid phase granular activated carbon (GAC) adsorption rental equipment can be used for wastewater, groundwater, storm water, oily water and PCB removal applications. We have liquid phase adsorption rental equipment that can treat flows ranging from one to 750 gpm and higher when combining multiple modular adsorption vessels into an integrated system.

TIGG’s vapor phase activated carbon adsorber rental units are designed for use with: air stripper off-gas, SVE, tank vents, contaminated air resulting from remediation of contaminated soil, odor control and manufactured gas plant (MGP) contaminated vapor generated during remediation. The vapor phase remediation rental equipment can handle up to 20,000 cfm. Providing customer service and a large inventory of remediation rental equipment! Air Filtration remediation rental system

TIGG has a Large Inventory of Vapor Phase Remediation Rental yabo体育投注

We do more than rent 亚搏保险投注规则 equipment, TIGG’s technically astute representatives will actually listen to your needs and deliver a customized solution.

Once your 亚搏保险投注规则 equipment is delivered, TIGG provides unparalleled service and support. Our Activated Carbon Exchange Services will change out the spent activated carbon in your remediation rental equipment and replace it with fresh media.

With competitive pricing, flexible terms and quality remediation rental equipment, TIGG will help you achieve the successful execution of your project.

For more information about TIGG’s Activated Carbon yabo体育投注 Rental Services, call 1-724-703-3020 or click here to contact us


TIGG has 40 years of experience in developing a broad range of activated carbon filters, adsorption equipment, and services for 亚搏保险投注规则 all over North America. We develop, design and manufacture equipment for the removal of trace contaminants from air, water, process liquids, and gases.